Intoxicating Liquor Acts

The Liquor Licensing Laws have evolved through various legislation since the 19th Century culminating in the 2000 Act, which brings a significant number of new provisions affecting various types of licences. The vast majority of licences require a Court Certificate. We can advise you on all licencing matters and in particular the following:

Types of Licence
Publicans Licence, Off Licences, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Dancing to Music/Singing

Court Applications
New Licences, Annual Renewals, Transfer of Ownership by Sale, Lease or Succession.

Exemptions:-Exemptions for After Hours, Special Events,Clubs, Defence of Garda Prosecutions for after hours/found on.

Effects of Licencing (Combating Drugs /Abuses)Act 1997, Equal Status Act 2000 and Intoxicating Liquor Act 2000.

Auctioneers Licence

We will advise on all aspects including, Making Court Applications, Insurance Bond, Newspaper Publication, Accountants Certificate, Tax Clearance Certificate, Customs and Excise Requirements.


Dance Licence

We will advise you on all aspects including, Court Applications for Temporary Licence and Annual Licence Newspaper Publication, Fire Officer Requirements.

If you are seeking advice on licensing then please contact us at Mellotte O’Carroll Solicitors LLP where we would be delighted to assist you. At Mellotte O’Carroll Solicitors LLP we will use our expertise and experience to deal with your licensing matter in a timely and efficient manner at a very competitive rate.  If you have any query in respect of licensing or any other legal matter of which we can be of assistance, please contact us by phone on (090) 649 2692 (Athlone) or (090) 967 9377 (Mountbellew) or email us at or use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.