Wills, Estates & Probate


We provide an extensive and highly personalised service on all issues relating to succession and Inheritance including the following:

  • Making a Will
  • Grant of a Probate (on death with Will)
  • Grant of Administration (on death without Will)
  • Succession Rights and Resolution of Disputes
  • Tax implications i.e. Capital Acquisition Tax
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Enduring Power of Attorney

We have great expertise and experience in advising in relation to Enduring Powers of Attorney and are happy to assist in relation to any queries arising therefrom and obviously putting same in place to ensure a secure and safe old age for our clients. Why not talk to us about making a Will and put your concerns and that of your loved ones at ease?

At Mellotte O’Carroll Co., Solicitors we would be delighted to advise you on any matter in respect of making a will or extracting a grant of probate. If you have any query in respect of this or any other legal matter of which we can be of assistance, please contact us by phone on (090) 649 2692 (Athlone) or (090) 967 9377 (Mountbellew) or email us at info@mocsolicitors.ie or use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.



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* - We shall obtain details of all your assets and liabilities, for example, house, lands, machinery, stock, jewellery, cash at bank, savings, investments, shares, mortgages, loans, others when you attend with us.
Have you capacity to make a will?

Are you married?

Have you made a previous will?

Please confirm you are acting freely and voluntarily and free from influence?

Are you separated, divorced or in a Civil Partnership?

Have you children?

Have you made any promise to any relative in relation to the disposition/gift/inheritance of property?
Do you wish to appoint any Trustees to hold property on trust for any beneficiary?
Do you have any wish to give instructions regarding your funeral, for example, cremation, direction for ashes, burial plot, undertaker, inscription on headstone?
Will you need to appoint Guardians in respect of children under 18 or dependants (who would you like to take care of your children on a daily basis should you and your spouse predecease them?)
Who would you like to leave the remainder of your estate to?
Would you like to leave anything to charity?
Would you like to leave a sum of money/cash gift to anyone?
Who would you like to leave your house/property/lands to?
Would you like to leave any personal property or sentimental items to anyone?
Are you aware of any tax liabilities of proposed beneficiaries?
Have you made any lifetime or previous gifts to any person you wish to benefit under the proposed will?
Who would you like to appoint as Executor(s) of your will? (i.e. the person(s) appointed to deal with your estate after your death)
Which solicitor at our firm (if any) has handled your legal affairs previously?

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